Types of Roof Windows

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Roof windows are outward-opening windows built into the roof’s structure. A roof window and a skylight have some similarities, yet are different in a few key ways. When it’s essential to let light and fresh air flow throughout the room, a roof window is the finer choice.

A roof window differs from a tubular skylight in that no channel is used to direct the light into the building. This kind of light tube design is commonly used with structures where it’s challenging to construct a skylight or roof window.

There are many different types of roof windows to consider – let’s dive in!

The Different Types of Roof Windows

Top Hung Roof Windows

When converting a loft into a functional space, top hung roof windows are often used. For a clear view, this style opens outward from the top of the window.

This traditional design is user-friendly and useful while being simple to install and mess-free. Additionally, the 180° rotation allows effortless cleaning of both sides of the glass without even going outside! 

High Pivot Windows

High pivot windows are ideal for cluttered rooms or lofts with low ceilings because of the higher axis of rotation. Larger pieces of furniture may be placed near the window without obstructing it.

It’s safe to say that High Pivot windows have a design that is similar to centre pivot windows – the difference being the placement of the axis of rotation.

Centre Pivot Windows

A Center Pivot window is an excellent choice for you if the roof is low or narrow. These windows may be installed lower than a top hung window to properly utilise the space. While also being both simple to install and use!

Standing and sitting down below centre pivot windows is possible without obstructing rotation. Although roof pitches up to 75° can be supported, roof pitches between 15° and 90° are best for this style of window.

Balcony Windows

This is a unique, huge roof window that leads to a balcony. To make a balcony bay, the bottom sash opens forward while the upper sash swings upward. The window remains open anywhere along the 0° ​​to 45° opening range.

Needless to say, in any loft conversion – balcony windows are absolutely breathtaking! 


When using the attic space for storage, skylights are a convenient and aesthetically pleasing choice. They are excellent for bringing light into cramped, gloomy areas without taking up any additional space.

Skylights are ideal for providing natural light to a place to make it more luminous. However, it’s not advisable to use skylights in bedrooms, offices, or playrooms due to their low thermal efficiency when compared to other types of windows.

Flat Roof Domes

While being similar to skylights, flat roof domes are more commercial and are suitable for offices, clinics, and schools. They are often more hygienic for hospitals, workplaces, and other sterile areas.  Offices and universities usually include “rooms within rooms” where it is impossible to use natural light.

Natural daylight may be provided by installing a flat roof dome in the ceiling, improving the general health and happiness of those working or studying there.

Walk-On Rooflights

Walk-On Rooflights are windows that can be walked on without compromising the amount of natural light that reaches the room below. They are ideal for lighting up a space completely while allowing you to securely walk across the floor above.

Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns provide many possibilities. They can turn your home into a stunning architectural masterpiece and are far superior to their flat counterparts at channelling light from all directions. A room will instantly appear larger with a lantern rooflight. They enhance light flow, expose the ceiling to the sky, and provide height to the space – making the room flow seamlessly.

Benefits of Roof Windows

Gain More Natural Light

Roof windows bring natural light into your home, reaching areas where a standard window is simply not enough. Conversions, home extensions, and attics are key examples of this.

All at once watch your living space transform when you install rooflight windows!

More Liveable Space in The Home

Roof windows accentuates your home’s space by increasing natural light. This extra space may be used for anything from storage, hobbies, an office, to an extra bedroom.

Property buyers know that every square foot is valuable, making the impossible possible when designing your dream home! 

Improves Home’s Ventilation

Ventilation is essential in the home as it helps reduce the level of airborne pollutants and moisture.

Ventilation helps control odours and provides fresher air for the home residence. Overall, it’ll benefit the short and long term comfort in the home.

Increases Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort undoubtedly affects how comfortable a home’s residents may feel, whether it’s a room that is lovely and cool in the summer or cosy and warm in the winter.

By keeping warm air inside in the winter and keeping it out in the summer, roof windows with energy-efficient glass may improve a home’s thermal comfort all year long! 

Adds Value to Your Home

Roof windows are a great investment for your property. It adds natural light, allows better ventilation and acoustic insulation, enhances thermal comfort, and most importantly, transcends the area from a simple space to a perfect home.


Installing roof windows is essential for some homes. Find what fits your exact preference and go for it! Need help with prices? Request a free quote on our Contact Us Page now.

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