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During our many years of operation, we have helped hundreds of families expand their homes. We specialise in designing and building all types of extensions and renovations for every type of home.

We work with our clients from the design phase through construction, helping to incorporate their ideas and styles into their dream homes.

Our exceptional reputation speaks for itself. We are professionals that provide high-quality workmanship, creative design, and great value for money.

If you’re lucky enough to have space to expand, then having a house extension in Brentford is the best option for you and your family.

Most of our clients like to live in their homes while the extension is being built, which is not an issue for us. We always do our absolute best to ensure the safety of your family while also minimising any mess, dust, and disruption.

Looking for reliable home extension services in Brentford? Contact us right away. Our team of highly qualified specialists will handle everything from start to finish, ensuring that the procedure will go smoothly.

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Why You Should Consider A House Extension

Save Your Precious Time and Money

Home extensions are both practical and profitable solutions for homeowners.

Building an effective extension can add to the functionality of your house, increase your square footage and thereby add value to your property market price. A well-designed extension can create a completely fresh feel to your home, or enhance your home’s existing character and design.

A fast-paced family lifestyle can leave you with little precious spare time.

Moving home can take months and require up-rooting your life, whilst a bespoke extension project executed by The Ratio will work around you and your family to provide minimal disruption.

Expedite Your Extension With No Planning Permission

At The Ratio, we will try to help you to adhere to the specific limitations of permitted development for your extension project. Within certain confinements for some projects, it may be possible to bypass the lengthy process of applying for planning permission. The process could therefore be done far quicker and be more financially feasible than you may anticipate.

Your House, Your Bespoke Design

A home extension could help you to achieve that cohesive open-plan living and dining space you have always envisioned, bring your child’s dream play room to life, or even create vital storage space.

Rather than moving into a new home, create a new space designed bespokely to your exact needs to accommodate you and your family.

Whatever you envision, our in-house design team will work with you every step of the way to bring it to life. We will consider your needs in regards to space, functionality, budget and timeline. You will be assigned a project manager and on-site foreman who will inform you of our progress and plans during every step of the process.

With our 20+ years experience in undertaking comprehensive home extensions in London projects in the local area. You can trust in our expertise and exceptional standards of construction and finish to transform your home and lives for the better.

Transform Your Home in No Time

In 2019, the government overhauled planning permission laws, meaning many house extensions now fall under permitted development rights. Without the lengthy process of obtaining planning permission, we could have your extension project completed much sooner than you might expect!

Types Of House Extensions

The Ratio provides you with a customised service. Our teams build one or more rooms outside the house as part of our single-story extensions. This type of extension adds more space and improves the flow of the house. In this case, the floor plan is enhanced but not totally changed. You can stay assured that our single-story extensions improve the functionality of the space.

A double-storey extension allows you to add a second bedroom upstairs and make space for an additional room downstairs. The downstairs area can be used to build a pretty sizable kitchen and an additional bathroom. What’s more, you can build a dining room or living area with bi-fold doors leading into your garden.

A side return extension is typically built in the kitchen at the back of the house. The side return – the pathway that runs alongside the ground floor of your home – is the ideal spot for the extension. Adding a side return extension to a terraced or semi-detached house is one of the best ways to increase and improve the quality of living areas.

Key Points:

  • This is one of the most common kitchen extensions in London and the South West of London.
  • A side return generally involves building out 1.25m to the side of the property and finishing flush at the back of the main part of the house.
  • You can then choose to have either a pitched or flat roof over the extended section.

Kitchen Extensions are one of the best ways to transform a cramped and awkward space into a space that the entire family can use. Modern kitchens are more than just places to cook, it’s the heart of the home, it is where you live, eat, socialise, study, and even play. They also don’t require you to give up much of your garden space to build a room that meets all of your needs.

Key points:

  • A rear extension is where only the end of the property is extended.
  • This often gives a room approximately 5m x 3m (STPP) and can have huge roof windows to allow maximum natural light into the newly created space.
  • Rear extensions can have either a monopitch roof, centre pitched roof or a flat roof.

They combine a side return and a rear extension to create an L-shape at the back of your house. They are usually ideal for Victorian terraced homes, but they can also be used for modern homes if there is enough space. Wraparound extensions are great for expanding your living space and creating large open-plan layouts. As well as opening up your kitchen area to make place for extra rooms and enhancing the connection to your yard.

Key Points:

  • This is where the extension not only goes into the side addition but also wraps around the back.
  • The extension is sometimes three or four meters into the garden which can provide a huge kitchen living area looking out onto the garden.

A dormer loft conversion is the process of converting a box-shaped structure to a pitched roof. Dormers are extensions that extend upwards and outwards to provide additional headspace and floor space. Dormer extensions typically come with your permitted development rights, so you may be able to avoid the need for a full planning application. Not only that, but these loft conversions are a cost-effective method to add a full extra floor of room.

  • A summer/out house can be an extension of your living space and can be close to your home, or at the bottom of the garden with access along a covered walkway.
  • A well-designed summerhouse becomes an extension of your home while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of an outdoor garden without being affected by inclement weather.
  • Renovating your house can be very expensive, and a lengthy process. Rather than disturb the structure of your home, a summerhouse can be a very cost-effective and non-invasive way to add accommodation to your property.

The Ratio’s Bespoke and Comprehensive Service

With our 20+ years of experience in undertaking comprehensive home improvement projects, we can delivery any type of building work.

We will advise you on all aspects including planning permission, energy efficiency, and maximising your home’s value to deliver a smooth and all-inclusive service.

Without A Doubt, We Are The Best Choice For House Extensions In Brentford!

We are dedicated specialists, consistently delivering remarkable results for our valued clients.

Our team is composed of highly skilled and seasoned professionals who prioritise client satisfaction in every single project.

If you’re eager to delve deeper into our top-notch house extension services, please feel free to contact us at 020 3897 0775.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist with your inquiries or delve into the intricacies of your house extension project.

Successfully Renovated over 250+ Homes

"Highly recommend these guys as they gave us the dream house that we wanted."

Andrew Brown

"Use this company a few times for different jobs. Always got the job done on time and very professional!"

Nayim Mahomade

"The Ratio Design and Build team have given us a beautiful new kitchen and garden, with a professional, sleek and high-quality finish. Their attention to detail and workmanship throughout the project has been excellent, with immaculate skill and expertise. We are incredibly happy with the end result and would highly recommend this team for both large and smaller projects."

Roxane Feerick

"Best quality builds in London by far, professional service, I recommend them for anyone looking to fit a new bathroom or kitchen."

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"Excellent quality work with great customer service, providing expert advice and very accommodating to changes and ad-hoc requests from our side."

Sheryl Smith

House Extension FAQs

In general terms, approximately £2000/m2 is considered the majority of house extensions in the UK.

Be prepared to pay anywhere from £25.000 to £75.000 or so for a average size extension.

To be safe budget for around £50,000 for a straightforward extension.

As every home varies, feel free to contact us so we can give you a more accurate quote.

Building extensions in London can take 10-12 weeks to complete on average, but this depends on some factors, the primary one being the size of the building as well as the project specifications – occasionally, a large build can take longer.

This depends on the size and the extension. According to Nationwide research on the value of extensions – if an extension was added to an average three-bedroom house, it would add up to 23% to the value of the house.

The short answer is that you do not require planning permission for an extension.

The majority of the restrictions that do not fall under permitted development are to work in front of a house, across a road, or near a boundary.

You are always welcome to visit the site while we are working, as we value your input and approval at every phase. This motivates us to do our best and improve the quality of our work.

If you already have an extension, you may notice that your roof has started to age, reducing its thermal efficiency. You can have your extension roof changed, but first, you need to have the structure of your extension checked to ensure it is strong enough to support a new roof.

The amazing part about extension roofs is that you can usually see the wear and tear that will tell you when it is time to change your roof. Tiled roofs typically outlast glass roofs due to their low maintenance and lack of exposed structure. However, if proper care is taken for them, they both have a lengthy lifespan, with the average being more than 20 years.


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